- By Hands (Agency-Norway)
 - GDG-Gabinet Disseny Gràfic
 - Edelvives
 - Edevé
 - Océano
 - Casals
 - Norma Editorial
 - RBA
 - Natural Parks
 - Autonomous University of Barcelona
 - Fundació Catalunya la Pedrera
 - Botanical Institute of Barcelona
 - Institute of Tropical Biodiversity


  2018 - I&D: Scientific illustration about Evolution of primate females. 
         University of Psychology. Bcn
       - Branding: Botanical Illustrations for product related to an international architect
       - Advertising: Wildlife illustrations for an important Pharmaceutical Company, 
         commissioned by GDG-Gabinet Disseny Gràfic
       - Advertising: Line of illustrations of Ice Cream Products to apply to the billboard, 
         commissioned by GDG-Gabinet Disseny Gràfic
  2017 - Reference book- Solar Sistem. RBA
       - Panels of natural environments. Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera
  2016 - Cookbook (INNERA & BO). Byhands
       - Illustrations for information leaflet. Natural Park of Montserrat
       - Illustrations for memory game. Natural Park of Montserrat
       - Textbook.Edelvives, Casals, Océano
  2015 - Textbook  Edelvives
       - Packaging project. Museum Molí Paperer Capellades


 - Winner of the Awards "Premis Junceda" with the illustrator Carles Puche in the Category of 
   Scientific Illustration for the cookbook "Innera og Bö". 2017
 - Award-winning training in the International Competition of Scientific Illustration to make 
   a scientific illustration workshop in University of Portugal (Aveiro). 2015
 - Finalist in Premis JUNCEDA by the Association of Illustrators of Catalonia APIC. 2015
 - Winner of Artist residency at Farreracan (Search and development Center)in Pyrenees to develop 
   a project of botanical illustration. 2014-15
 - Finalist in the International Competition of Scientific Illustration. Catalan Association of 
   Scientific Communication (ACCC). 2014


 - RBGE Certificate in Botanical Illustration Attended Course. Edinburgh 2018
 - Botanical Illustration by Isîc Guner. Bcn 2017
 - Zoological Illustration by Marcos Silva-Ferraz. CFIC, University of Aveiro 2016
 - Graduate Illustration. University Center Illustration Design.BAU. Bcn 2014-15
 - Superior vocational training in Plastic Arts and Design, specializing in Scientific Illustration. 
   Manresa School of Art. Catalonia 2011-13
 - Practicum in charge of Scientific illustrator Carles Puche and Univ of Barcelona (UAB). 2013
 - Final project study about Scientific Illustration. 2014
 - Artist residency at Farreracan (Search and development Center) in Pyrenees. 2014-15
 - Artist residency at PROSJEKTSKOLEN Art School in Oslo (Norway). 2014
 - Graphic Design (Psd, Ai, Ind). Cibernarium Center. Bcn 2014-15
 - Scientific illustration on high mountain vegetation. I&D Center in Pyrenees. 2013
 - Scientific illustration 11th edition for Scientific Culture Unit. Chair of Outreach Science.
   University of Valencia (Spain). 2012